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Bacteria exponentially multiplies. When it begins to thrive anywhere, can be absolutely destructive. That is why the early treatment of tooth decay is very important and can prevent extensive infestations of bacteria.

Often, tooth decay finds it’s way into your enamel and inner tooth before you even realize it. Sticky plaque forms on your teeth and produces acids that wear the outer coating down. If it is not treated, it will bore through multiple layers of the tooth.

The bacteria fights its way through the enamel and into the layer called the dentin. Dentin contains three nerves, so this stage is where oral pain begins. It may hurt to bite down and food can more easily become stuck. Schedule a visit with our dentist immediately if pain persists.

The dentin is much softer than the enamel, so the bacteria bores through it more rapidly. As the bacteria moves toward the center of the tooth, there will be more pain. The real infection begins once it reaches the center of the tooth called the pulp, which is full of nerves, veins, and arteries. It is not too late at this point, though. Our dentists are able to treat any tooth infection, so please come in as soon as possible to see our team.

Here at Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS & Associates, Inc., we are known for our quick and efficient treatments, so, if you think you may have early signs of tooth decay make an appointment with our office in Burbank, California, by calling 818-558-4332. Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz and Dr. Gregory Mar look forward to helping your smile be the healthiest it can be!