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Do you know the symptoms of a toothache? Toothaches can come in numerous forms and can carry with them symptoms and signs that are often present in other oral health ailments. However, if you do have specific signs of a toothache, it is important to visit your dentist for a comprehensive examination to have it treated immediately.

If you are the victim of an oral accident or injury, or a tooth is erupting in your mouth, you are at an increased risk for toothaches. Furthermore, TMJ disorders and other forms of dental damage can potentially allow toothaches to arise. If you are showing any signs of swelling in your face or noticeable discharge, or have symptoms of facial rashes, high fevers, or chills, visit your dentist to check for the presence of a toothache.

If you have any sores accompanied by pain in your mouth that does not easily go away, it may be caused by a toothache. This includes pain that endures 24 hours after an extraction, or after using medications meant to numb the pain. Furthermore, if you spot noticeable discharge or inflammation, it may be an indication that a toothache is present.

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