What is minimally invasive dentistry?

Materials such as quality porcelains and adhesives allow Dr. Ruiz & Associates to repair and restore badly broken teeth without resorting to traditional methods like crowns, which can destroy over 70% of the tooth’s natural structure.

To make a crown, dentists must grind away the majority of your tooth structure, often going below the gum line to cut unnecessarily beneath the enamel into the more fragile dentin and much closer to the nerve than needed. With minimally invasive dentistry, Dr. Ruiz & Associates ensure the same excellent work of removing decay while taking away as little of the tooth as possible. Dr. Ruiz’s & Associates’ tooth preparations always stay above the gum line. The restorations created are just as, if not more, durable than crowns and have been proven effective in countless studies over the last 20 years.

The same goes when we place veneers. It is entirely possible for veneers to be only fractions of a millimeter in thickness, preserving the majority of your tooth while still maintaining the ability to completely transform your smile!

The expert use of veneers and onlays not only preserves your natural tooth structure, it also can restore your smile with superior dental aesthetic results as well. Our minimally invasive dentistry in Burbank, California, allows patients to:

  • Preserve their natural tooth
  • Have no excessive teeth filing
  • Have long lasting, natural results

Why is it important to preserve as many of your teeth as possible?

At Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS & Associates, Inc., we want people to know that keeping the basis of their dental foundation is the best thing they can do for their dental health. There is simply no need to completely replace your teeth with unnatural materials.

Dr. Ruiz & Associates work with the latest, super-thin dental materials so they can keep as much of your natural tooth as possible. Of course, people may not be able to hold on to a tooth and may need dental implants. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dental implants. We want to work with what you have.

Because Dr. Ruiz & Associates treat celebrity patients, will my dental treatment cost a lot? 

The cost of great dentistry in the hands of a skilled artist does not vary from patient to patient. Dr. Ruiz & Associates provide beautiful dentistry to everyone, whether they are a celebrity or not, and at the same price!

Pricing for dentistry with Dr. Ruiz & Associates is based on your procedure. Everyone is treated with respect, care, and kindness. Our team makes sure that you can afford your gorgeous, new smile!

Is there real long-term relief from TMJ?

In short, yes. We lead the way with excellence in treating TMJ and occlusal disease.