TMJ & Occlusal Treatment

Unless you suffer from occlusal disease, you cannot fully understand how painful and disruptive it can be. Dr. Ruiz is considered a leading occlusion dentist and has achieved superior, long-lasting results for patients through TMJ and occlusal treatment in Burbank, California.

Occlusal disease is a generic term (like periodontal disease) that covers a number of pathological dental conditions associated with the bite, jaw muscles and temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Some causes of occlusal disease include:

  • An unbalanced bite
  • Crooked teeth
  • Involuntary teeth grinding

Genetics play a large part in occlusal problems. Occlusal disease is a term used to describe the pathological bite or occlusion that destroys a patient’s dentition and causes multiple symptoms, such as:

  • Jaw pain, clicking, locking
  • Head and neck muscle pain, tension headaches
  • Severe wear or chipping of natural teeth
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Grooves on exposed root surfaces

Dr. Ruiz is a leading professional in occlusal disease diagnoses and treatment. His skill in finding a real long-term solution to a patient’s occlusal issues can make a huge difference in a patient’s relief. People want the pain to end, and they get exactly that in our office. If you suffer from jaw pain and headaches, then come to us for relief. Call 818-558-4332 today and speak with a member of our team to schedule with our dentists, Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz and associates.