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Oral accidents and injuries can happen at any time. Some can slowly damage our teeth and gums over time while others can happen instantaneously. One of the best methods to protect yourself includes preparing for anything. The more time you take learning about accident prevention, the less likely they are to occur.

Most bad habits inevitably lead to accidents. If you smoke or chew tobacco, your teeth and gums will suffer. If you use drugs, your teeth and gums will suffer. If you try high-risk maneuvers without safety gear, your teeth and gums could be at risk. If you try opening products and items with your mouth, your teeth and gums could suffer. Protect yourself by removing any bad habits from your life.

The foods and drinks we consume are just as likely to damage your teeth and gums as standard oral accidents can. This includes tough and hard foods that can crack and chip teeth, sugary substances that cause tooth decay and gum disease, and highly acidic foods that can easily wear down your precious tooth enamel.

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