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Are you aware that the foods and drinks we consume play one of the biggest roles in the look and function of our teeth? Have you heard that just as there are foods that can increase your risk for various ailments such as tooth decay and gum disease, there are also foods that can lower your risk? Although brushing and flossing are always your best approaches for protecting your teeth, eating a healthy diet can also benefit your smile.

Calcium and phosphorus are natural minerals often present in many key foods that we eat. They have been shown to help re-mineralize tooth enamel and keep it strong and effective in its battle against dental erosion. A few collections of foods that contain these minerals include various meats, especially chicken, milk, a variety of nuts, and cheese.

The consistency of foods can also play a role in keeping your mouth clean. Try to eat crunchy foods with loads of water in them, as they have been proven to efficiently wash away food particles and assist in keeping your teeth clean. The extra saliva in your mouth produced from these foods can also help neutralize harmful acids.

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