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Brushing your teeth every morning and night, as well as remembering to floss at least once per day, is an essential component of preventing gum disease and tooth decay. You should also have a checkup by our dentist, Dr. Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz twice each year.

When brushing your teeth, it’s important to brush your teeth in small circular motions. You should spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth. Toothpaste with added fluoride will also help to maintain strong teeth and prevent cavities. If you are struggling to clean a specific area, you might want to try using an interdental brush. It is essentially a miniature toothbrush with an angled and tapered brush head. It can allow you to comfortably clean hard to reach places near the contours of your teeth, near the gumline or around dental work. When flossing, you need to make sure to clean the spaces between each of your teeth as well as along the gumline. Don’t forget to clean behind each of your molars, as these areas can also trap significant amounts of bacterial matter. Once you are done brushing and flossing, you might also want to vigorously rinse your mouth with a little antiseptic mouthwash. This can help remove loosened material while also killing some lingering oral bacteria.

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