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Here at Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS & Associates, Inc., our dentist uses a very powerful dental-grade cement to secure a dental bridge onto the two corresponding abutments. Unfortunately, there are extreme situations when a blow to the face or chronic periodontal disease can compromise the cement. If your bridge feels loose for any reason, you need to contact Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS & Associates, Inc. to seek immediate treatment. While you’re waiting to see Dr. Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, there are a few things you can do to limit potential complications.

Even a small amount of movement in a loose bridge can cause damage to the abutment inside. You should never try cleaning or playing with the loosened bridge. If you have blood or debris in your mouth from an accident, you can rinse them away with lukewarm saltwater. Any other cleaning treatments should be left to your dentist.

If pervasive bacteria at the gumline has caused a minor failure in the cement, your dentist, might be able to cement it back into place. If an abutment has been damaged, it might require more invasive treatment.

If one or both ends of your bridge feels loose, you should not delay in contacting Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS & Associates, Inc. at 818-558-4332 to have your dentist in Burbank, California, examine and treat the problem.